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This is a community for horse photos. or ponies, or miniatures, or donkeys, or mules, anything you can think of in the equine family. We love photos of horses.

RULES -- If you don't like my rules you are more than welcome to start your own community. This may be a free world but you're playing in someone else's sandbox. I won't take my toys and go home, but you can take your toys and play in your own box :>

- If you have a large photo or a bunch of photos please use the lj-cut function. Type <lj-cut text="Here's my photos">

- No text only posts, there are numerous communities out there for discussing horses. We just want to see your photos, you can explain what is in the photos if you like.

- These can be photos of your own horses or just photos you like.

- No critiquing of horse conformation, photographic talents, or content of photos (including riding ability) unless requested by the poster. This is a community for horse lovers to view and enjoy photos of the equine for the sake of the photos alone.

- No advertising, there are communities out there specifically for advertising your other communities.

- Basically, if it's not a horse photo or video, don't post.

- Have fun!!!

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