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Spruce Meadows "National"

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When I was a little girl living in Edmonton, I used to dutifully collect the free admission passes that came with the gas bill in hopes that some day my family would make the three hour trek to Calgary. That never happened - it was only until I moved here that I was able to indulge in Spruce Meadows and I loved every minute of it. Every visit, decades later, reminds me of my youthful enthusiasm for horses.

It's easy to forget that houses are right across the road from it now - but it still maintains its country charm. And here's the best part - there really is something for everyone at Spruce Meadows, from live music, delicious food, usually a car show or dog agility.

Spruce Meadows celebrated its 40th anniversary last year and this lasting gift from the Southern family always fills my heart with pride. Red Arrow kindly provides a free shuttle service so that the park is accessible to everyone and admission is free, although some day I am going to splurge on the paid seats :)

I couldn't have asked for a more picture perfect day when I went for the Continental on June 11th. It was sunny and cool and I marvelled at all the recent upgrades. It's been a couple of years since my last visit. The old bleacher seating at the Chinook Ring has been replaced with a fancy new Founder's Plaza with tables and chairs.

I was super excited this day because I borrowed a 200 mm zoom lens. For those of you who have never held one, it's about as long as your forearm and weighs about a pound or two. It was really hefty! I found a primo space for the event going on and tested it out. I was so nervous because of the borrowed lens that I forgot to make the most of the zoom! I had all sorts of dumb fears that it would fall off my camera or that I would drop it :D Regrettably the photos from the first event I went to were mostly blurry and not very usable.

Fortunately by the time we found seating in the International Ring I had a handle on it and I was thrilled with the results, as you can see in this sample on Flickr. I can't wait to go again in July for the "North American" tournament.

Beautiful Belgian

We spent Canadian Thanksgiving at Heritage Park here in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. It's nice, no fuss, no muss and the grounds are great to walk around. Calgary has been having an unusually nice autumn - a real autumn - and it's kind of strange to have such warm sunny days. This is not a complaint. The turkey dinner we had was quite filling and I didn't feel up to chasing livestock with the camera. Fortunately, that day was one of those rare times when the horse come to you!

Belgian Horse

(click above for two more)

Конный поход.

Приглашаем в конный поход, пока лето не совсем закончилось надо успеть пожить чуть-чуть конно-походной жизнью!
Примерные даты 19-22 и 26-29 августа, оптимально - группа 4 человека, можно устроить комбинированный конно-водный поход со сплавом на байдарках.
Так же в программе: посиделки у костра, купания с лошадьми, хождение в ночное, отдых у реки Пра и Ока, посещение Окского заповедника.
т. 89156002191 - Евгений
http://vk.com/horsesbb и http://horsesbb.ru

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Draft Horse Team, Heritage Park

It's been forever since I took a horse photo, and I was not ready at all when these guys came by. We were at Heritage Park for the quilt festival and it was packed! It was really difficult to get good photos, but it was still a gorgeous place to spend a Saturday. Click for larger version on Flickr.

Draft horse team, Heritage Park

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King Arthur's Carousel

This is the only horse photo I have lately - I bought Adobe Lightroom last year and it was really long overdue! I'm revisiting my older photos and it's giving them new life. Lightroom can be bought in perpetuity or on a month to month plan, which surprised me. Here's one picture from our trip to California that I felt really lucky to capture because the line up was crazy! Don't go to Disneyland on a Saturday, folks!

King Arthur's Carousel

Golden babies

Photos with foals of  Don breed

Russian breed of horses.


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Golden boy Torg

A stallion of a Don breed Torg
Eastern breed type

A father of this stallion Thibul

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Don stallion Geroizm

Pedigree Don stallion.
Was a very good jumper ( 110-140cm)

A sovereign of a steppe

Don stallion in age of 22 years

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